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POVN System Use Policy

General Use Policy | Wireless Use Policy | Spam Policy

Pend Oreille Valley Networks provides a gateway to the Internet for individuals, businesses, and organizations and is committed to providing a reliable "host" environment and the highest quality Internet access possible.

This user's Agreement is designed to define and explain the agreement between Pend Oreille Valley Networks (to be known in the rest of this document as "POVN") and its subscribers.

All clients of Pend Oreille Valley Networks and its affiliates are bound by the terms of the Systems Use Policy and, where applicable, its addendums that address specific services.

General Use Policy

Click Here to Print a Copy of the General Use Policy

1. A POVN account is an arrangement between POVN and its subscriber's that allows its subscribers access to the Internet and use of other POVN services via POVN's systems. POVN accounts and the provisions of this agreement are nontransferable.

2. The subscriber agrees to pay in advance, the fee being charged by POVN at the time of service for a minimum of one month, due at the start of service. Charges commence on the date of activation and continue until such time as the subscriber notifies POVN to discontinue service, and are nonrefundable. Non use of the system shall not be considered grounds for refund.

3. Partial month's services will not be refunded regardless of reason.

4. POVN has committed to its sub-contractors for semiannual and annual prepaid accounts. Thus, early cancellation of a semiannual or annual account is not subject to refund. An exception would be if the client provides verification of moving to an area where POVN cannot provide equal service. Such refund is calculated by reverting the prior months used to the applicable monthly charge and issuing credit for the balance of the amount originally paid.

5. Subscriber agrees to be responsible for all charges rising from the use of the account, including, but not limited to, enhanced service charges, charges incurred by an account holder on another Internet host, and all additional phone charges, including long-distance. In addition to unlimited useage dial-up plans, POVN offers limited use dial-up plans. The fee for going over the limited numbers of hours per month is $1 per hour. These fees are assessed at the end of the billing cycle for the previous month's usage and are due when billed. Customers can monitor their usage from the POVN website, under the heading "my account".

6. POVN reserves the right to suspend or cancel any delinquent account that is over 15 days past the due date or for rejection of any credit card charges or for checks returned for insufficient funds. A $30.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks and denied credit card transactions. Collection of past due balance is handled by an outside agency. Additional charges and interest assessed by the outside agency will be the responsibility of the subscriber. An account holder wishing to reopen and access services after termination must pay any balance due and is subject to reinstatement fees.

7. POVN reserves the right to close an account for suspected or actual breaches of its System Use Policy, and use of the host system in a manner which is harmful to POVN or its subscribers. All costs incurred because of system down time resulting, directly or indirectly, from willful abuse of the system by the account holder will be the responsibility of the account holder, and the time required to restore the system will be billed at the rate of three hundred dollars an hour to the account holder.

8. If, at any time, it becomes necessary for POVN, Inc., or the account holder, to use legal recourse for a dispute between POVN and the account holder both parties agree to mediation through a recognized mediation service, and will not pursue recourse through legal action regardless of outcome.

9. POVN may terminate any account for any reason at its sole discretion including, but not limited to malicious or illegal use of its host system or the Internet, including e-mail messages which are perceived, in any manner, directly or indirectly, as threatening, offensive, harassing, or contradictory to the standards of Internet convention, and including port scanning or other attempted invasion of other people's networks or systems. POVN will review all complaints regarding malicious or illegal use of the system and/or harassing e-mail, and render judgment based on the System Use Policy and what is in the best interest of POVN's subscribers.

10. Multiple, identical news group postings, bulk email, and unsolicited e-mail messages are a violation of POVN's System Use Policy and widely held standards of Internet etiquette. Anyone using POVN's mailservers to send unsolicited bulk email, will have their account(s) terminated immediately. This includes the use of a mail server with open relays on POVN's system. Open relay mail servers are strictly prohibited.

11. The account holder or subscriber is responsible for all use of his/her POVN account, including security, online storage space, usage time, all e-mail postings that originate from their account, and protection of their account password. POVN is not responsible for any account holder's data or personal files on its host system, and account holders are responsible for the backup of significant data and files.

12. Use of any POVN account is expressly limited to the individual, business, or organization named on the account application form.

13. The account holder or subscriber agrees to use his/her POVN account in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.

14. POVN reserves the right, but is not obligated in any way, to view or edit publicly viewable data, including e-mail messages on its host system, and to delete any information on its host system at POVN's sole discretion.

15. All e-mail, World Wide Web pages, and any file located in a publicly accessible directory are considered publicly viewable, and POVN is not liable for the protection, confidentiality or content of them or any information transferred to or from another Internet host.

16. Account holder agrees that material available through his/her account does not violate or infringe on any copyright, patent, applicable law, or contain information of an obscene nature.

17. The use of any POVN account for housing World Wide Web pages that advertise, sell, or promote any commercial business, service, or product without the consent of POVN is prohibited.

18. POVN owns and maintains all I.P. addresses and reserves the right to change them with appropriate written notification.

19. POVN is not responsible for any costs, loss of income, or damages relating to the use of its host system, products, software, and services. Internet services are provided best effort and without specific guarantee. VOIP service in specific is dependent on a functioning internet connection and may be subject to outage and congestion, and due to that VOIP provided 911 service especially should not be considered your primary emergency service. If you have a strong need for continuous 911 service, it is highly recommended that you contract for a landline phone.

20. POVN will delete any email boxes where payment is past due.. POVN will not be responsible for the loss of any files or documents associated with the account.

21. POVN will not release account holders personal information to other parties unless required by the appropriate authority.

22. Non enforcement on any portion of this Agreement does not constitute consent, and POVN, Inc. reserves the right to enforce our System Use Policy, this Agreement, at its sole discretion. If one or more sections of this Agreement are found to be unenforceable or invalid, the remaining sections will still be considered valid.

23. If the account holder is under 18 years of age, either a parent or legal guardian who is responsible for the terms of this Agreement must sign and assume responsibility for this Agreement and all charges owed by the account holder.

24. POVN is not responsible for transactions or postings which take place to activity on our free classified ads, community calendar, forums or any other communication which has taken place between users.

25. POVN reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement, and account prices without notice. Continued use of the system after such time will constitute account holders acceptance of the changes.

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Wireless Use Policy

Click Here to Print a Copy of the Wireless Use Policy

In addition to the General Systems Use Policy the following applies to the Wireless Services provided by POVN.

1. POVN owns its wireless system, including client radios and cables. POVN determines the client radio most appropriate for the site and will only install and service radios and cables provided by POVN.

2. The base installation and set-up fee includes the following:

a. 100 feet of cable

b. Mounting radio to a maximum height of 20 feet

3. The client may incur additional charges for the following which will be determined at the time of the site survey:

a. Additional cable or cables

b. Clearing of radio mounting location

c. Stringing cable through crawl spaces and attics

d. Burying cable

4. Servicing and trouble shooting of wireless equipment shall be provided by POVN personnel only. Client self servicing or trouble shooting of the radio and antenna without explicit direction from POVN service personnel will invalidate the warranty and client will be subject to replacement and services charges.

5. All account balances must be current for POVN to provide technical support or on-site service.

6. Should the client request on site servicing or trouble shooting from POVN personnel and it is determined the problem is not with the POVN wireless system, the client shall be billed $25.00 per hour plus mileage.

7. POVN does not warranty client's equipment and accessories required for use with POVN's wireless system (computer, router, switch, hub, internal cables, etc). Client requested repair or replacement of his/her equipment is billable at $25.00 per hour plus mileage and parts, if applicable.

8. A client shall NOT share his/her wireless availability with anyone other than those listed as account holders.

9. If POVN is required to repair or replace wireless equipment damaged during the course of home maintenance (i.e., painting, re-roofing, snow removal) the client shall be responsible for the repair or replacement costs.

10. If POVN is required to repair or replace wireless equipment damaged due to maliciousness or theft the client shall be responsible for the repair or replacement cost.

11. Seasonal suspension and reconnection is available once a year at no charge provided the client provides advance notice and the account balance is current.

12. Illegal downloading of copyrighted materials from sites like but not limited to Bit Torrent, is contrary to system policy and may result in the termination of your account.

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Anti-Spam Policy

Click Here to Print a Copy of the Anti-Spam Policy

Pend Oreille Valley Networks is proactive against spam. Since filtering it on our own has proven to be impossible, we have hired Postini, the company that sets the standard in spam and virus control, to do our filtering for us. Every POVN customer is entitled to a free spam control center. For details on how Postini works, please click here. If you are using Postini and are still getting spam, please call us. Some spammers are going around Postini and connecting directly to the mailserver. We have a special set of filters we will be happy to apply to your box at your request.

POVN does not allow customers to send unsolicited bulk email (SPAM) from its servers, or from foreign servers to advertise a website hosted at POVN. Any customer doing so will be terminated immediately per our System Use Policy.

What can you do to fight spam?

First, never, NEVER respond to an unwanted piece of bulk mail. Many will give you a box to check to unsubscribe to something you never subscribed to in the first place. A few of these are legitimate, but most will just land your email address on a list that will be sold to still more spammers.

Second, if you are using Postini and have the advanced filters on your mailbox and spam is still getting though, forward a copy to There are many legitimate vendors on the internet. A simple search for the product you want will find hundreds of vendors. Replying to spammers just encourages them and causes you to receive more and more spam.

Third, you can apply your own set of custom filters to your own email box. For detailed instructions and examples of a wide variety of spam filters which may be applied to your email box, please click: SPAM FILTER INFO.

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