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Uploading To Your WebSpace

Configure Your FTP | Website Design Tip | eBay/Amazon Picture Tip

Is your site ready to be uploaded or are you looking to post your images for eBay or Amazon auction? Below we have provide the simple steps to posting your files through POVN. We have also added some tips for designing your web site and posting your images for eBay or Amazon Auction.


Getting Started
Wether you are looking to upload a website or images to the web, you will first need to contact POVN at 888-800-7686 to request a web folder. (If you get the answering machine, key in extension 108.) Each customer with one of our DSL Packages or if you are paying for Webhosting is given a web folder that will hold your personal files and will allow you to post your website/images to the web.

Your home page can be found at the following locations:

Newport clients: 

Sandpoint clients: 

Priest River clients:

Bonners Ferry clients: 

Once you have setup the web folder you will need FTP access to post your files into your web folder. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP is used to transfer files between your computer and your web space. To access the web space through FTP, you will be asked to furnish a username and password. The username and password will be set up at the time you contact us for your web folder.

If you do not have an FTP program, click this link to download and install Core FTP. Core FTP is a free and scure download. For more information on Core FTP you can visit them anytime at


Configure your FTP program
The following instructions are for Core FTP, but no matter what FTP program you choose the parameters will be the same.



This is a Label for your site

FTP Setup



Your Username


Your Password




Next you will need to click on the Advanced button to the right of the Host/IP/URL box.

FTP Setup

Click the Directory/Folder in the list to the left.

You will need to set the location for the folder on your computer. You will do this by clicking on the icon to the right of the Location Start Folder and choose your folder.

Click "OK"

You will return to the Site Manager.

Click "Connect".

When you have connected, there will be two windows. The one on the left is the files on your computer, the one on the right is your files on our server. It should be empty the first time you log in.

FTP Setup

Use the disk drive letters and file names to find the files you want to load. Select them by clicking on them (you can select more than one by holding down the control key). When you have selected the files you want to transfer, click the arrow in the middle that points to the right arrow or simply use your mouse to drag the files to the server window. The files will then transfer to our server.


You can then view your files by going to

If you are doing pictures for an auction, you have to type to see the pictures.

Be sure to save your pictures as .jpg files when you scan them or they will open so slowly no one will wait for them to open. Be sure to delete your old files when you don't need them anymore by clicking on them in the right window and click delete.

If you have a question or problem with WS_FTP or assistance configuring the FTP in Dreamweaver, give us a call and we will be happy to help. If you are publishing with Front Page, please see the Front Page publishing notes. If you are using some other publisher, we may not be able to help you with it. There are many publishers, they are all different and we are not familiar with them all but we will do our best.

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*Ebay/Amazon Picture Tip:

If you want to get your pictures to appear on ebay correctly, follow the instructions in the last paragraph. When you are looking at the picture you want to use, go to the address bar of Explorer and select the whole address by clicking on it. It will turn dark. Put your cursor in the middle of it and click the RIGHT mouse button. This will pop open a little menu. Click the word 'copy' with the left button. Go to the ebay listing form, click in the box provided for your picture URL, then click the RIGHT mouse button and click 'paste' on the little pop-up menu.


*Website Design Tip:

The first page must be named index, default or home with an extension of .htm, .html, .asp, .php, or .aspx or it will not open in the browser unless the entire URL including the page name is typed in.

Choose colors that are easy to read. Some scripting is fun to do, but don't put so many moving things on your page that it becomes distracting.

Make your picture files as small as possible so they open quickly. Shrinking the size at which your html displays your picture does NOT make the file size smaller. To do that, try downloading Paint Shop Pro. It has a very easy ‘resize’ command that will make the files smaller. It will also compress images if you do a ‘save as’ then click on ‘options’.

Save pictures as .jpg files as they are the smallest, good quality and will open faster than most other file types. .gif is the other choice. Avoid using any other extensions unless you are able to test them in all browsers to be sure anyone can open them.

To add a link to another page, highlight the text to be linked, select the "link" option, then click your way to the page you want to link to. Double click and your html editor will build the link for you. If you are writing code, use this command: <a href="">name of the site</a>

To add a mail link, highlight the area you want to open the mail window, then, in the link to box, type: or whatever your email address is.

If you need to place pictures side by side or want to keep captions aligned under the pictures, try inserting a table then putting your pictures in the table and the caption in the cell under the picture. If you don’t want the table to show, just make the border width = ‘0’. The table can be centered on the page and pictures centered in the table. If you see something on a website and wonder how it is done, you can click "view" and "source" in while looking at the page in Internet Explorer and glean a lot of information!

To be found in search engines you need to add metatags called "keywords".  They are invisible on the page, show in the code.  Do a view source on a high ranking page to see how they are configured.  You will need to go to the search engines you want to appear in and look for a link that says "Suggest a Site", "Submit a URL" or something similar then submit your URL.

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